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Analysis of your Current Cost and Savings Opportunities

Many of our clients started realizing savings by taking advantage of our free review and analysis of their current business practices. We create a baseline for measuring future savings.

Outsourced Transportation Management

Smart publishers let the experts manage their transportation logistics. We are uniquely qualified to manage all aspects of a publishers transportation logistics. We cover the full gamut of required expertise. We manage all modes of transportation, customs brokerage, international logistics, freight payment and audit.

Inbound Logistics Management

Often the management of inbound shipments, shipments from vendors and printers, receive less attention than outbound shipments to customers. We apply proven management processes for vendor shipments that yields ongoing savings for our clients.

Assisting Smaller Presses with Exporting and Importing

We guide smaller presses through the process of importing and exporting. There is a lot to know about proper documentation and compliance with various government requirements.

International Mailing and Package Distribution Programs

For those who seek alternatives to the big name plate package carriers, we offer cost saving alternative printed matter distribution programs for mail and packages.

Door to Door International Transport

Publishers often need delivery solutions beyond a foreign port or airport. We work on the publisher’s behalf. We present complete delivery solutions to the door or dock overseas, perhaps to a trade show, to a hotel or a tent in the middle of Africa. We understand the special provisions that books enjoy in many countries. We go the extra mile and provide you with complete solutions, recommendations and often with multiple options.

Direct Distribution Programs

Our clients entrust us with managing direct distribution programs. What is that? We pickup books directly from your overseas printer and ship them according to your specifications and instructions to your customers all over the world. We work with your printer to satisfy local tax compliance needs. We can structure the documentation, conduct all bookings and provide you with shipment status information

Special Deliveries and Pickups

Not all deliveries are straight forward. Some require specialized equipment, special security requirements, special communications and special handling. We deliver to celebrities, high profile politicians and authors with competence.

Packaging Review

Efficient transportation sourcing also requires efficient freight configuration. We review and provide recommendations and in some cases manage the freight configuration process with our client’s printers. The efficient use of truck space and container volume can yield big savings.

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